Customer Feedback

Hi Bob & Rochelle,
Pleased to advise the second alarm clock and adapter has been received this morning by courier.
This very fast response is great service.
Many thanks,

VIcky Thorne  (July 14, 2017)

Hi La Crosse team
Finally stopped raining for long enough for me to get out and reset the devices as you directed.
No problems - display came up almost immediately.
Thanks for your expert advice

Don Braden (June 2, 2017)

Thank you so much for your reply.  
Yesterday I decided that the best way was to remove batteries and completely restart both the remote and sensor.   All worked well after following you advice.
Thank You for helping

Sue Staub (May 31, 2017)

Hello there,
Thanks for your prompt reply and advice.
You'll be pleased to know that on taking your directions, the sensor is now working faultlessly.
Pleasingly, I have set up a scientific thermometer adjacent to the sensor to check the sensor's accuracy
and it measures up very well, no more (and probably less) than a tenth of a degree at 20°C.
So thanks very much for your help, it is much appreciated.

Rod Bashford (May 21, 2017 )

Thanks, You guys are awesome.
Enjoy your day.

Susie Raymont (April 04, 2017 )

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your assistance and the WS1151 weather station functions are great.
The barometric pressure is showing  996.4 hpa and the forecast icons at the top are showing cloud on the right side.  Two sets of arrows pointing to the left (and flashing)   and the left side is showing cloud and rain (also flashing).  Cheers,

Jason K (29 March 2017)

Hi accounts
I understand now. There are two websites operating in Australia with similar names.   
At least your payment method was secure.
I will remember to use the com website in future.

Steven (March 28, 2017 )

Hi Team
Once again thanks for your prompt response.  GREAT NEWS! Everything is working.
Thanks again for all your help.

John (23 March 2017 )

Replacement WS1516IT system received, installed and all working well.
Many thanks for the awesome service.

Cheers, Ian Woods. (15 Mar. 2017)

Thanks for that.
Installed the WS2355 unit- its great!
Really pleased with it

Brian Pringer (2/03/2017)

Great !!
308-2314 Weather Kit delivered Friday afternoon and installed by this afternoon. All working as expected.
Great setup video
Thanks for your help.

Rob Edgardo (14 Jan 2017)

Thanks Bob for the prompt response.

Garth (Dec 14, 2016 )

Thank you Lacrosse for one of the quickest replies I have ever had from a business...KUDOS TO YOU !!!!!
I shall undertake the suggestions and report back asap.

Regards, John (29/11/2016)

Excellent news! Wind reading is now working.
Noted the tip from your attachment to remove batteries and press any button twenty times to remove any previous data.  This was the only step I had not tried previously.
So I removed all batteries and pressed 20 times as instructed. Then left overnight.
Went back to it this morning and did the usual setup sequence. Everything working beautifully. Left it a couple of hours before confirming with you but all still looks good.
Thank you for your support. Love my WS1081 weather station and so pleased all up and going again.

Donna Dalling (November 27, 2016 )

Hello Bob
Wireless Rain Station arrived, installed, and working well.  Thanks again to Lacrosse and you personally for finally solving my problems!
Our house is now on the market and we aim to be settled in the Bay of Islands NZ before next winter.   
I’ll let you know once we are settled and would welcome a visit from you when you are next back home.
Best regards

Dennis O'Brien (2 Nov. 2016)

Thank you very much Team. Great services. I will recommend your business to the world.
Best regards

Gerard Maille (11 October 2016 )

Thank you for trying.  I appreciated you investigating and providing very helpful advice.  
Kind regards,

Melissa.  (20 July 2016)

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