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Weather stations sold from this Australia site is selectable between Celsius and Fahrenheit, metric system.


From our professional weather stations to our most basic thermometers, every product is designed, developed, tested, and used by our team of weather enthusiasts. Our team takes pride in the quality and value of every product we produce. Our faithful commitment to our customers helps us continuously develop user-friendly products and provide excellent customer service.



From USB charging to Bluetooth capabilities to WIFI connectability, our product line is constantly being developed to stay on the cutting edge of technology.


Our dedication to precision and reliability sets us apart from our competition.  Our strict standards ensure that we are delivering the most accurate weather data available.

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Our wireless weather products make it easier than ever to receive up-to-the-minute weather data and alerts.

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About Us

Welcome to La Crosse Technology Australia. La Crosse Technology was founded in 1985 in America, then in 1991 in Europe. La Crosse Technology Australia commenced selling La Crosse Weather products to the Australian and New Zealand market in 2003.

La Crosse Australia has been building the reseller network for the southern hemisphere and is always looking for good quality resellers to join our program. If you feel that your company has the right ingredients to work with La Crosse Australia please contact us using the contact details link.

The range of La Crosse products available today is second to none and has made weather station technology available to the general public like never before. La Crosse pride themselves in innovation and have been leaders in this field for many years.

La Crosse Australia also prides itself on reseller satisfaction and works closely with our resellers to achieve maximum end client satisfaction coupled with maximum profit return to our resellers. We assist with marketing and promotions and attend many events throughout the calendar year showing the public about our products.

We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you.



Important Message If Buying Lacrosse Products From Overseas Internet Providers.

Lacrosse Technology is the leader in distributing advanced digital wireless and WIFI colour LCD models internationally that conforms to AC power regulations that vary considerably worldwide such as we do in Australia and New Zealand.  

If you wish to purchase Lacrosse products online from an international internet company, please carefully check that the AC power requirements for the weather station are compliant to the AUSTRALSIAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDS governing AC power regulations. Also it is important to read the internet suppliers warranty and returns policy.

Buy a Wireless, WIFI Colour Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Forecasting

We have all been there: you plan your day based on a forecast from the local TV news station or the weather app on your phone, only to find that those forecasts were all wrong. The temperature where you are is at least five degrees warmer or colder than it was supposed to be. You’re getting rain instead of sunshine—or vice versa. It’s windy when you were told it wouldn’t be. The best way to avoid these misleading or inaccurate forecasts going forward is to start collecting your own data, and the best way to do that is with a wireless weather station.

What Is a Wireless Weather Station?

At La Crosse Technology, WIFI weather stations are among the core products we sell. We carry weather stations for both professional and home-based stations. The home weather stations are affordable and easy to use, making them perfect for the average person. If you are tired of inaccurate weather forecast data, a small investment in a WIFI weather station from La Crosse Technology can enable you to start collecting data right in your own backyard.

A home weather station can serve multiple functions. It can monitor the temperature both inside your house and outside, giving you a second opinion to compare to both your thermostat and your area weather forecast. The latter tends to differ especially, since weather forecasts for large geographic areas don’t necessarily account for microclimates or other variations.

Depending on which WIFI weather station you choose, your device might also offer other essential weather readings. Use it to find out about humidity, wind, barometric pressure and more. Some devices will show you other special data points, such as minimum and maximum temperature records. At La Crosse Technology, we even have a wireless weather station with rain gauge and forecasting.

With so much data at your disposal—all drawn from the area around your house—you will never have to deal with inaccurate weather forecast information again. The days of going out for a run in a long-sleeve shirt when T-shirt would have been more appropriate are over, as are the days of leaving your umbrella behind because the forecast doesn’t predict rain. With your own personal weather station, you get custom weather data you’re your yard and neighbour hood, instead of relying on a single weather forecast for an entire city or town.

Get Help Choosing the Right Weather Station; Contact Lacrosse Technology Today

Which weather station is right for you? Do you want a basic device that can tell you your backyard temperature? Would you prefer a wireless weather station with a rain gauge and forecasting? Or would you be interested in dipping into the professional weather station niche and getting something even more sophisticated?

At Lacrosse Technology, we are standing by to help you pick out the right wireless weather station for you. Start browsing our site today, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want some shopping tips. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Australia's Weather Equipment Distributor for over 25 years. The range of La Crosse products available today is second to none and has made weather station technology available to the general public like never before.


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