Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

FAQ’s for La Crosse Weather Stations 433MHz & 915 MHz

WS2355 La Crosse Professional Weather Station with PC Connection
WS2355 - FAQ
WS2355 - Free software from Sandaysoft (Supports Windows XP,  Vista, Win 7 and Win 10)
WS2355 - User Manuals
WS2355 - Download Heavy Weather program
WS2355 - Heavy Weather USB Driver Installation guide

WS1081 TESA Professional Touch Screen Weather Station with PC Connection
WS1081 - User Manual.
WS1081 - Easy Weather Software Ver 8.9 for Windows System.
WS1081 - Third-party software from Sandaysoft Cumulus
WS1081 - Macintosh Weather Station Software by Trixology WeatherCat
WS1081 - Weather Display Live - View live weather data over the web from your weather station in nearly real time.
WS1081 - How do I setup my weather station and share my data with Weather Underground?

330-2315 Professional Weather Station Wi-Fi Module Connects to Weather Underground
330-2315 - FAQ
330-2315 - User Manuals
330-2315 - Quick Setup Video

328-2314 La Crosse Professional Weather Station with Lightning Detector
328-2314 - FAQ
328-2314 - User Manual
328-2314 - Video Setup Guide

WS1516IT La Crosse Professional Weather Station
WS1516IT - FAQ
WS1516IT - User Manuals.
WS1516IT - Video Setup Guide.

WS1517 La Crosse Professional Weather Station
WS1517 - FAQ
WS1517 - User Manuals

WS1913 La Crosse Weather Station with Wind Speed and Chill
User manuals
Video setup guide
Rain guage FAQ

308-2316 La Crosse Professional Digital Black Weather Station
308-2316 - FAQ
308-2316 - User Manuals

327-1414W La Crosse Professional Wind Speed Weather Station
327-1414W - FAQ
327-1414W - User Manuals
327-1414W - Video Setup Guide

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