Get More out of Your Batteries with the Battery Tester Checker from La Crosse Technology

Do you regularly replace the batteries in your portable electronics? While batteries aren’t expensive or hard to find, it can be incredibly frustrating to buy them repeatedly when you feel like your existing batteries should be lasting longer. Unfortunately, with alkaline batteries, it’s not always easy to know how much battery life you have left. In the age of smartphones, we’re used to having an indicator that tracks our battery life for us. With an AA or AAA battery, though, you don’t get that kind of benefit. Luckily, there is another option: the battery tester checker from La Crosse Technology.

Our battery tester is versatile, easy to use and effective. You can use this device to test a wide variety of rechargeable or alkaline batteries—including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries. All you need to do to use the device is insert a single battery and press down on the tester. The device will then check the battery strength and give you a reading of how much battery life you have left.

Perhaps you are going on a camping trip and want to make sure your batteries are good to last a few days. Maybe you work in photography and have had a few nightmare scenarios where your batteries died on you without warning. Or perhaps you want to make sure you have batteries to keep your professional weather station up and running. In any case, the battery tester checker from La Crosse can help. Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out directly.