Colour Weather Station for Schools

Many professions and hobbies benefit from having weather information at their fingertips with equipment from La Crosse Technology. School children learn about physics, technology, and geography as well as the weather with our technology. A colour weather station is particularly attention-grabbing for their young minds.

Children are naturally curious and are constantly connecting cause and effect relationships including those involved with the weather. The study of meteorology ties together many disciplines in science as well as geography and mathematics. You can keep an eye on our specials for school and family-friendly budget options.

Wind, lightning, air pressure, humidity and so much more about meteorology is created because of the laws of physics. Mathematics can be integrated through the measurement of rainfall, calculating average temperatures, graphing or converting between Fahrenheit to Celsius. Weather maps involve geography as well as map reading skills. A single colour weather station in a classroom is a cornucopia of lessons from which the students can learn.

Many Internet weather programs exist that connect children throughout the world to share their data. The experience affords them a greater understanding of world climate patterns, communication, and cultural appreciation. Students can create their own website to track weather patterns and share with others. The ability to use and create technology is an invaluable tool in the 21st century.

A colour weather station makes a great learning tool for home or school. If you have any questions about what weather devices would best serve school-age children in their quest for knowledge contact La Crosse Technology.