Satisfy Your Inner Weather Enthusiast with a TESA Weather Pro Station

Predicting the weather isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t stop countless people all over the world from trying. Still, maybe you don’t have a high degree of trust in your local weather reporter. You’d be forgiven for saying so—after all, we’ve all seen our fair share of weather reports that didn’t pan out the way we expected, and some of us even ended up caught in the rain because of it! Why not take matters into your own hands by purchasing a state of the art weather station you can set up on your own property? Consider the TESA Weather Pro, available now from La Crosse Technology.

Our company has been helping weather buffs from Australia, Europe, and the United States connect with products they can use to make their own weather predictions for years, and we’re proud to offer the TESA Weather Pro to our valued customers. This state of the art weather station includes the following features that make it invaluable to users:

  • A perpetual calendar
  • Time zone settings
  • Supported PC software
  • Time and date stamps for recording min/max humidity
  • Icons to represent changes in barometric pressure
  • Ability to record wind speed, wind chill, and wind direction
  • Transmission range of up to 100m

The TESA Weather Pro is one of the best options you can purchase when looking for a new weather station. Contact us today and enquire to learn more about this product, or any of the others we carry.