Monitor Your Home from Afar with Wifi Temperature Humidity Sensors and Other Home Monitoring Technologies

Leaving your home behind for weeks or months at a time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Perhaps you are going on a lengthy road trip across Australia. Maybe you have a vacation property hundreds of kilometres from your regular home. Or perhaps you are leaving your primary residence behind to spend the winter somewhere else. In any of these situations, it’s a good idea to equip your home with a wifi temperature and humidity sensor.

Why a Remote Wifi Temperature Monitor Is a Good Gadget for Your Home

A wifi home temperature monitoring system lets you equip your house with several sensors to track the conditions inside your home. Ideally, you will place sensors in several different rooms—if not every room in the house—to get the most accurate and comprehensive results possible. These sensors then transmit the information they track over your home’s wifi system so that you can access their data via your smartphone.

Ideally, every time you check the data on your smartphone, it will look exactly the way it’s supposed to. The temperature will be right where you set the thermostat before you left, and the humidity levels will be completely normal. When you are away from your home for days, weeks or months at a time, though, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong. The thermostat could break; you could lose power; the pipes could freeze; your basement could get flooded in a storm.

Any of these issues can cause substantial damage to your home in the best of circumstances. If you aren’t there to notice them and mitigate them, though, the damage can escalate to catastrophic levels. A broken pipe can leak for days without anyone noticing, or mould can start growing in your walls and flooring. By the time you get home, you could be dealing with caved-in floors, toxic mould growth or other types of massive, costly damage.

Wifi temperature and humidity sensors can help minimise this damage, if not prevent it altogether. If temperature or humidity readings fall outside of your acceptable parameters, you will get a text message or email notification. You can then call a friend or family member to check on the property and hopefully resolve the issue. Perhaps the heat switched off for some reason, or maybe there is a leaking pipe in the basement. Either way, being able to detect and fix the issue early on can save you tens of thousands of dollars and a huge headache going forward.

More Than Just a Flooding and Mould Safeguard

Wifi temperature monitors aren’t just for preventing flooding or mould, either. On the contrary, you can use them for pet care, greenhouse monitoring, and food store protection. If you left a pet home for a few days during a vacation, monitoring the home’s temperature can help you ensure that the house isn’t getting dangerously cold or hot for your animal. As for greenhouses or food stores, maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels is crucial for fostering healthy growth and preventing food spoilage.

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